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These Agate Bookends display a gorgeously deep pink colour and beautiful bands of crystal, making a great addition to any space.

Agate is known as a stone of balance and protection. It is said to balance any unequal energies in a space and improve concentration, so these Agate Bookends are perfect for a study or family living room.

Agate is usually formed in the intense heat of volcanic rock. The different bands are created by variation of cooling and mineral content when the molten rock is gradually solidifying. Finally, quartz crystals grow to create the glittering central cavity.
The agate bands can be coloured in varying amounts to produce the beautiful result you see here.

Expert cutting and polishing of the agate geode creates these wonderful Agate Bookends. Whether organising your books, CDs or DVDs, these bookends bring the beauty of geology into your home.

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